FAA Commercial Pilot License

FAA Commercial Pilot License

FAA Commercial Pilot License is provided by our prestigious Flight Training Organizations in Florida, USA. For the entire package, which is all inclusive and scheduled to last 6 months, the price will be $44,995 USD.  The students are responsible for providing their own food and other miscellaneous expenses.

Advantages of our flight training centers in Florida:

Quality of Training

Shortest Training Time

Double License advantage (FAA and EASA after Conversion)

Overcoming Language (English) Barrier. English as a second language class opportunities available.

More Flight Hours than EASA curriculum.

Various airports available for landing throughout the state

International Flight Experience

In short: More than enough instructor and aircraft, year round sunshine, instructors with thousands of flight instruction hours, the cheapest gas price, availability to execute landing and take-offs to multiple airfields around and usage of English language throughout the entire training are the points which render Florida as the center of flight training. If you enroll with the right school of course !!!!

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